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Host Robert Lawrence Kuhn, who knows China’s leaders personally and wrote the book “How China’s Leaders Think,” takes us inside China through five documentaries that reveal the critical issues that China’s new leaders face. China's Challenges focuses on current issues including China's economy, society, innovation, politics and values. These documentaries provide real insight into the difficulties and challenges that have arisen from China's soaring development and shows the efforts the Chinese government, as well as the society as a whole, have made to solve the problems.

Titles include:

Are the Chinese People Happy?
While President Xi Jinping talks about "The Chinese Dream," the Chinese people talk about healthcare, education, housing and retirement. Even after vast economic development, the fate of many Chinese remains in doubt. China's leaders must deal with the “Big Four” social concerns.

Where is China’s Economy Going?
While China is an economic superpower, its cheap-labor advantage is ending; its air and water are polluted; and its society is fractured by rich and poor. How can China achieve its goal of becoming a “moderately well off society” in a world of turbulent markets and a society of social disparities?

Are the Chinese People 'Real' Citizens?
The Chinese people today enjoy much higher standards of living, active involvement in expression, and a more vibrant, tolerant society. But, with One Ruling Party, how to involve the people in the process of governance? How to make government more transparent and more accountable? How, in short, to make Chinese society more democratic?

China Can Produce. Can China Creat

China seeks to be a "moderately well-off society." What new technologies is China developing? China must stress innovation, creativity and protect intellectual property rights to move beyond the assembly line.

What do the Chinese People Believe?
China is an ancient civilization, with many traditions and philosophies passed down over the generations. But what values are shaping today's China? Confucian ethics? Selfless Communism? Market economy individual initiative? What about sex and religion?

DVD Release 2014
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