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From some of the most remote locations in the world, the compelling cinematography of wide-eyed children just being kids will quickly engage students attention. These children, like children everywhere, live their everyday life with the sweet innocence of youth combined with hopeful dreams for the future. Unlike children of more developed countries, they live in a world of limited modern day conveniences. Yet they thrive in tight-knitted communities with resilience, resourcefulness and a strong sense of responsibility.

The Children Of The World series will help expand student's worldview and understanding of cultural differences while at the same time provide a character building lesson.

Titles include:
  1. China: Children of Chagan Lake
  2. East Timor: Children of Ermera
  3. Mongolia: Children of the Darkhad
  4. Myanmar: Children of Inle Lake
  5. Nepal: Children of the Himalayan Sherpa
  6. Pakistan: Children of the Desert
  7. Peru: Children of the Andes
  8. Philippines: Children of the Mangyan
  9. Tuvalu: Children of the Islands
 10. Vietnam: Children of the Floating Village

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